Bimbo Idemeto - Doh
Bimbo Idemeto - Doh

Bimbo Idemeto, a gospel music minister and songwriter whose ministrations have blessed many lives, has released a brand new single,  DOH (Song of Praise).

DOH (Song of Praise), is a powerful song that sparks thanksgiving and praise to God for His love and faithfulness.

Written by DanIboro and produced by UduakEJ, ‘Doh’ means ‘Thank You’ in Urhobo language.

“It is a song that will definitely trigger your dance of praise and a heart full of thanksgiving,” She said.

Bimbo Idemeto’s debut single MORE has remained a blessing to thousands accross the world. She currently serves as a worship leader at the Transforming church,  Gwarinpa, Abuja under the leadership of Rev. Sam Oye.


Lyrics of Doh (Song of Praise)


I’ll like you take a moment right now,

And say Thank You Jesus.

Without a doubt He’s been good, He’s been faithful!

Wherever you are lift your hands and say Thank You Jesus.


It’s a song of praise

A song of Thanksgiving

About your mercy and your grace

I’m alive and breathing Lord

You’ve done so much for me

So much to explain

I twale for you oh

If I no get you papa

Na wetin I gain oh, nothing I gain oh

You are my source of strength

My rock my shield defence

After You na You


Wekowuyé Doh

Doh Doh Doh (4x)


Lord I’m saying Thank You

Thank You Lord (4x)


For the times you fought for me, and delivered me from shame, Lord I’m saying Thank You Thank You Lord

For the love you gave to me, you’ve turned my life around, oh…

(Thank You Thank You Lord)

For everything you’ve done for me, the things you’ll do for me, oh…

(Thank You Thank You Lord)

That’s why I’ve come with a grateful heart, I’m grateful for everything

(Thank You Thank You Lord)


 You’ve been good good good (You’ve been good good good) (4x)

You’ve been kind kind kind (You’ve been kind kind kind) (3x)