Brizzy - From Tha Heart [11 Track EP]

The highly anticipated Extended play “From tha heart” finally drops today. The rapper “T-Brizzy” uses the 12track project to illustrate a deep psychological story of a bird and a cage (a man and his society).

The project is packed with so many mystical boxes, waiting to be unveiled by listener.

Brizzy - From Tha Heart [11 Track EP]1

DOWNLOAD TRACK 1.. T Brizy – A Caged Bird

DOWNLOADTRACK 2.. T Brizy – Martin Luther Feat. Krest

DOWNLOAD TRACK 3.. T Brizy – Emotions Feat. Fayt X Petit D Gemini

DOWNLOAD TRACK 4.. T Brizy – Heartless Feat. Esa

DOWNLOAD track 5.. T Brizy – Up

DOWNLOAD TRACK 6.. T Brizy – Down Feat. EMS

DOWNLOAD TRACK 7.. T Brizy – Thinking Allowed

DOWNLOAD TRACK 8.. T Brizy – Poetic License

DOWNLOAD TRACK 9.. T Brizy – This is Makurdi

DOWNLOAD TRACK 10.. T Brizy – Fix Feat. Eko

DOWNLOAD TRACK 11.. T Brizy – TakeOff