Jay Frey - No Other Ft Yungchainz

Hip Hop rapper, singer and young unsigned artiste Jay Frey storms the industry with his debut! titled “No Other”. To spice it up, he teams up with talented and fast rising Afro pop artist YungChainz.   

No other was mixed and mastered by Mr Thadom. Watch out for Jay Frey as he cooks up another tune in short time. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram & FaceBook.


Bad girl you make a man shiver,
Give it to me girl I really need ya(yeah)
Bad girl pass me the more love
Your body fit make man to sin

Cash the cheque, catch the vibe ,
That’s the life you don’t live it twice.
I pull up inna Benz you’d be mesmerized ,
I never pull a trigger, maybe once or twice .
You didn’t get me, you could press rewind
Shout out to all my single ladies get up and whine cuz I been sipping the bubbly,no time for dulling, laughing and fucking one of them is my hubby, Oh wait! …

Me African gyal dem sing, me African gyal them sing (“bri-bam-bam-bam)
I pull up like a recipe
Your body is a remedy..

Yeah! “
Pretty ecstasy, case to see ,I’m balling like its fantasy.
Me and all this fake niggas mehn we just don’t mix, we no dey mix I really value peace of mind, check the time yeah, (oh God)
Na who talk say when you high make you craze?..
Coz even when I no dey vex my eye dey red
And all I want is money and the fame! Hustle hustle for the street I tell you no be beans!
Some haters really thought I’d be a fool on the mic
I didn’t wanna do music but that’s the life.
Now we ain’t fucking with depression, heart tribulation, ass on the sofa meditation.!

Gimme love, gimme love, gimme love..
I don’t want no other,
Girl nobody badder,January down to December..
Gimme love, gimme love, gimme love, I don’t want no other,
Nobody bad (I say nobody bad)

Shawty do you like it?
Do you wanna price it?
I know your boyfriend is on your conscience baby just fight it! ..
Coz I don’t really like it, I don’t really want that, oh yeah yeah (oh yeah yeah)
See! Come meet my mandemma, real gees so clean stand tall like antenna,
Come meet my mandemma smoke weed red bandana (oh yeah)

You got me feeling likka cold cold water,
Girl you got the keys to my Porsche and my Bima
Ripping off my hair likka godamn farmer,
And when you riding me I be like sung sung sung o sung sung sung o!
Step inna the place you know say nobody badder,
do that dirty whine you make me go gagagaga..
Naga ,naga,nigi naga oh la la la la!
Step inna the car make we go see your momma .
Ain’t no Pablo ain’t no superstar
Better watch out coz ain’t nothing than a sleeper cell
I just wanna let you know that nights now be switching sides,
But I’m a coin don’t mess with me coz I got two sides only!

“Chorus “