Pasto ​Goody ​Goody​ - Cha-Cha

Nigeria’s Dance Hall King ​Pasto ​Goody ​Goody​ is back as usual with a new ​Club banger​ – “Cha-Cha” which means “Brand New”.

After ​his graduation from University of Lagos, ​he took out time to renovate ​his singing ideologies ​to ​consolidate ​his ​Fans with ​a ​brand new​ vibe​. It’s all about popping​ &​ celebrating the ​God’s favour.

​”​From now on my fans got me back.​ T​hanks to God almighty who knows the right time to do things and also I wish to ask that my fans enjoy ​​themselves​ always. Cha-Cha is cha-cha that’s the Cha-Cha.​”​

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