Prince Of Akwa-Cross Pasto Goody Goody Set To Host Sak Dara In Lagos

In a bid to celebrate the creation of Akwa Ibom state 32 years ago and to promote her Talents and cultural values in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Pasto Goody Goody the Prince Of Akwa-Cross teams up with Golden Innovation and partners to put together Sak Dara (Laugh & Celebrate) Concert in Lagos.

It is a well packaged Akwa Ibom indigenous music and comedy show headlined by the high-life maestro, Sir Wilker and parading a carefully selected crop of talented Akwa Ibom musicians and comedians including:

Ikpa Udo, Progress, Klint De Drunk, Sir James, Akpan Okon, Monkals, Efewarriboy, Comedian Skipo, MC Gentility, De Adshas, Papa B, Wondaland, Pasto Goody Goody, MC Shakara, MC Shaggy, Lybra, Uzi, MC George, Real Pee Ajaba, MC Amadok, Manny, Amaika, Solid AC, DJ PeeJay & DJ Xeay.

The event will hold at the Shell Hall of the Muson Center in Lagos on Sunday, September 15, 2019.

REGULAR ₦3K || VIP ₦5K || TABLE ₦500K.

Pre-order your Tickets HERE or Call 07031319794 for Tickets and Sponsorship!

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