Prodigal IX - Broke With Dreams

So when I heard Loopholes featuring TapeMillz last month I thought okay, Prodigal IX is just back giving us another classic to stay relevant but I think I was wrong as the sleek mc is back with another jam.

Just as we all are still basking in the Loopholes season, he announced the release of his new song “Broke With Dreams” via his social media platforms which he is known to be primitive with. He posted on his Instagram page “So I stumbled across a classic I had made some months back with my good friend Luminous in my archive. I put that jam on my timeline and made it sound better for you all just as you all are still enjoying Loopholes. You know IX is all about the classics” – @prodi_IX. The song which was produced by the ever creative emcee Luminous is a short subtle story of a typical Nigerian youths dreams but how the funds makes it far fetched. Here is a new song from the kitchen of Hempire Mindstate and GB Music for you.