Swaxzy E - Wrong

Bravheart Entertainment’s Fast rising young Rap star Endurance, Friday Udoh a.k.a Swaxzy E comes through blazing hot on his new Single – Wrong.

The 25 year old Akwa Ibom young Star goes hard on these Lines bearing it all out as he maintain concise lyrics through out this Hip-Hop rendition.

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Verse 1:
I hate to see myself this way
To be broke…is a sin,
I see myself sinning every day
I gad so many tracks,
Writing down
I ain’t gad no money..dehm..
Just Just voice my track em out.
I know my fans have been waiting for so so long..
Just to hear my vibes, in my new songs
I try to take a step, but always see myself back
And any time try, i remain at the same spot..
Wahs going on? Tell me.. Wahs going wrong
I ask myself everyday, that question.
Is it a crime for me, to be a superstar
I’m tired of being under, with ma gee the dreamer
How can I stay without no pills..
How can I stay in a day without kissing up my weed
Dehm.. I ain’t know wahs going on… Hmm
I ain’t know wahs going wrong… Yeah

I ain’t know wahs going on with me…
I ain’t know wahs going wrong with me..
I ain’t know wahs going wrong…. Hmm
I ain’t know wahs going wrong…. Yeah..eh

Verse 2:
I know ma homies have been waiting for ma new vibes
Like dope Gees, one shisha pot with two pipes
Middle finger..dehm..to ma em foes
If ma lines was a drug, then I’m in overdose…
I feel like I gad two wings on ma back
I ain’t bird, buh I see myself flying up in the sky
I’m in cloud 9,dhem, I can see ma hands swinging
Too much drugs in d vain, can’t feel the blood flowing..
Sometimes I always wonder why
Should I stop or should I keep moving
Everyday I keep dropping lines
Everyday comes with a new vibes, in ma music…
I can’t give up on this.. No no
I gad so many tracks that y’all ain’t know
Ain’t know wahs going on
Ain’t know wahs going wrong…. Hm

You know sometimes, I try to fix myself at the right part but, when I wake up every morning.. I ask myself this question? How’s it going to be in my better days.. You know my fans have waiting for me, they’ve been calling me… Telling me all sought of things like, swaxzy the murder fucking E what are you waiting for? But some times I always wonder why I can’t even feel myself no more, but I always look up to the better days mehn.. I know
I ain’t know wahs going on
Ain’t know wahs going wrong…
I ain’t know wahs going on with me
I ain’t know wahs going on with..