The Gratitude (Coza) – Oh Ya Love

The Gratitude is an award-winning multi-talented and multifaceted music group of 13 members: 9 vocalists (including rappers) and 4 instrumentalists( Guitarist, drummer, bassists and pianist).

The Gratitude is also a recording/performing group which is widely known for her versatility in styles of music and creativity in the fusion of divers genres of music in creating the unique sounds which she emanates from time to time to the listening pleasure of her fans all over the world.

Some of the most important things you would experience when listening to The Gratitude are the warmth of the Spirit of Grace, Joy and Love. This group literally has a touch of Heaven.

Special Announcement from “THE GRATITUDE”!!
This is the part we just couldn’t wait to tell you! We are currently working on another album. “Yaaaaay!!”…
We know right..Lol. So first, we know you can’t wait for this album just as much as we can’t wait to share what God is doing with us with you. So we’ll be releasing singles from this new album.

The first song on the list is Our Valentine Love Story entitled: “Oh,Your Love!”