One Tree Cant Make A Forest” are the lyrics to Champion Marley‘s new Hit Single “No Man Is An Island” that is bounding the Music Streets.

With his personal theory of “Never Look Down On Another Man’s Grace” NMIAI is surely a song to Explode in 2019.

The year 2018 was a very wonderful one in the Nigerian Music Entertainment Industry.

Also there was a number of new breakout stars in the music scene. Champion Marley was one of them.

Champion Marley‘s Song gained more recognition than it did in previous year. He has no doubt been elevated in his career in the past few months. He was recently named as one of the stars to perform at One Lagos Fiesta for 5 Nights. He was impressed that his name was written as a successful performers at the Fiesta. With the Competition of Nigeria’s Music industry, Champion Marley is starting on an even better and more grand note for the singer in 2019. Champion‘s youtube channel has hit 10k views in less than a month of releasing his Video of “No Man Is An Island” which was directed by Chidube.

His music is now trending in the Heart of Music in Alaba Market, with huge name artist like Wizkid, Bruna Boy and New Artist Teni.

Champion Marley‘s love for music came at a young age at 15, his vocals was matured as he shine as a choir star. His lyrics are generated as the sound of music fills his heart. He’s an Unique Artist that has a drive that will allow him to become one of Nigeria’s Successful Music Performer. “No Man Is An Island” is just the beginning of a hit sound from Champion Marley. His song that expresses his determination to become one of the greatest performers yet to come.

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